PHOTO PROMPT © Amanda Forestwood

It’s that time again! Time to gather around the table and share some juicy tidbits of fiction with the folks of Friday Fictioneers, hosted by the lovely and talented Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. You can find other small tales of wonder, and danger at: Come on out and join us! This week’s photo is loaned to us by : Amanda Forestwood.



I stand on the old battlements

moss now covers where blood once ran

bird calls replace the agonized screams

tall, strong trees now stand

where once young boys and men fell

the old battlefield calls to be remembered

the souls forever trapped here

reach out to the living

their cries muffled by fallen leaves

warning us not to follow in their path

but to move upward and above

to live life in peace.

I stand on the battlement today

and listen…


Author’s Note: I’ve been mighty sick these past few weeks. In and out of hospital fighting a bacterial infection that began as a result of discovering a severe food allergy. Another discovery is a bit more unsettling. I go back to doc in July to be tested for female Cancers. I’ve reached the calm acceptance of what could be, my affairs are in order (or as about as orderly as I can afford to do). I’m resting alot, spending that time in deep prayers for the people in my life, including all who read my little stories, poems, and enjoy my art. I do ask that you keep myself and hubby in your prayers as these weeks of waiting are sure to get to stretch us.

Author: Bear

I'm a crazy old lady who likes to write, art, and create things.

17 thoughts on “Battlement”

  1. Dear Bear,

    I could hear the birdsong in the quiet and the echoes of the young men who’d sacrified their lives there. Well done.
    So sorry about your trials of late and am praying for your recovery and the absence of cancer.




  2. Beautiful. To stand and gather the sense of history in a moment. Love your descriptions here.
    Take care and I hope hope your tests come back negative. I have crossed all fingers and toes for you


  3. Haunting. Great descriptions. You brought us to the battlement with you.

    I hope your health improves and you don’t have the dreaded C-word or worst case, catch it early.


    1. Thanks, Nobbin. I’m at peace whatever the answer. I am feeling a lot better, and can eat now. In the meantime I’ve gone from a large to a medium in clothing. Everything’s hanging. Had to get me a new pair of slacks. Not the way I wanted to lose weight, but if it comes…enjoy it!

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