My unsteady threads…and life…

This year’s Steady Thread SAL started on January 1, 2o23. There were a couple of hexagon shape and square shape design formats to choose from. I chose the round one surrounded by leaves. I added in a couple of bumblebees and the year. So, this is how it looked the first week of the SAL.

It is now week 18, and I’m about 4 weeks behind in the challenge. That’s okay. Life got in the way of stitching. As it is, this has become my Sabbath/Day of Rest activity. It’s relaxing and enjoyable. I’m finding I can only do about 2 hexagons at a sit both for time and because my eyes (even with glasses on) become too blurry and start to water horribly. Ahhh, the after effects of the covid vaccine and boosters.

The photo doesn’t do justice to the actual thread colors though. The hexagons are outlined in a very dark green as is the greenery within. The flowers are in a deep orange-red thread. The last hexie at the bottom is still in progress. My eyes just wouldn’t let me see it anymore. It’s already raining this morning, so perhaps I’ll have an hour to sit and sew before venturing into the kitchen to see what to prepare for dinner this evening. I’m thinking something to throw into the crock pot.

Other sewing… hasn’t happened recently.

Knit/Crochet… I’ve made about 10 prayer shawls for the VA over the winter, and a few baby blankets, too. I’ve knit several hats both for myself and for the NICU. I’ve also finished 1 of 2 historical era 1700’s over the knee stockings. I took the photo a bit before I finished of the toe. About 1/4 of the way through the second stocking, now.

In addition, I designed and put together a new dance regalia… just in case I’m able to get out to a powwow. So far, I’ve not gotten out to one that hasn’t been cancelled by weather. sigh…

and I wove a belt to go with it…

I’m still working on a shawl in orange with bears and what not to go with. It will be a backup shawl to the one that a native “Auntie” made for me that’s brown with a large starburst on it.

So, my winter has been packed with life and filling endless indoor hours of boredom. Hubby has changed jobs a few times which has meant a routine of pack everything … unpack everything… repeat. Plus a rental increase that caused to nearly lose our roof, saved by job change with a little more pay and we’re finding much less stress.

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