The Yellow Ribbon

The following story is written for the “Sunday Six Sentence Story Word prompt hosted by the lovely and talented Girlieontheedge’s blog. For more information and/or to participate, please find the prompt for this week at:

And, here we go…

Yellow Ribbon

I rounded the old oak tree with its yellow band of ribbon beckoning and heard faint strains of a fiddle carried on the air as a slow smile made its way to my face. I breathed in the tangy scent of fresh barbeque, tears gathered and dared to fall. It looked as if the entire community had turned out and I wondered how long it would be before anyone noticed. Stepping from from the sidewalk to the grass I clutched my cane for the painful steps to the picnic tables. I was just about to heave a sigh when a hand laid itself on my shoulder. The words ‘welcome home’ broke the dam as I collapsed into arms that held me tight.