Inktober Day 5 – Day 8

Forgive me, I’ve been quite busy of late with barely enough time to get anything into my sketchbook, let alone post it. Ach, but It’s already past the halfway point and beyond, and I’m only up to day 15. So, let’s do a little catchup here. Will do 4 photos a post….

Day 5 -Flame combined with Day 8 – Match (pressed for time…sigh…) Pretty self-explanatory… Was going to go another way, but wanted to remain family friendly.

Day 6- What Artist doesn’t like a bouquet of art supplies?

Day 7 – Trip. Just wouldn’t be complete without a “trip” back to the 1960’s with its psychedelic ‘shrooms…

Day 7 – Nest. I was playing with my Walnut ink here. That’s supposed to be an eagle in the nest. I was going to combine 2 prompts again, but didn’t.

Author: Bear

I'm a crazy old lady who likes to write, art, and create things.

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