The Real

C. Roger Bultot

The Real

The real of it is that this week, I have no time to play.

My cloth is chosen, the pattern cut

my fingers are raw and pin pricked

and my dreams have gone wild.

The delicate fringes are tied

My fingers are raw and pin pricked’

and my dreams have gone wild

In the end, by Friday this,

A new dance attire will be made

until then, from dawn to dusk

and well beyond

my fingers are raw and pin pricked

and my dreams have gone wild.


Author’s Note: Please forgive if I don’t get around to your story until Monday or beyond. I’ll be reading just later. Sunday last, I was asked to dance this coming weekend. As some of you know, I’ve retired from Jingle dancing, and haven’t been with my Native Fam since before the pandamn began. Soooo, though I had slowly gathered the parts and pieces to make new dance regalia in the Women’s Traditional style, I’d yet to begin. I planned to work on it over this winter, but Sunday’s request could not be denied. My Native Sister offered to make me a beautiful shawl. I traveled up to her home and we spent the day sewing together, chatting, laughing, crying, all the things that I’ve missed so very much. By day’s end, we had almost completed the shawl, and I’d made a huge start on the dress. I still have an element to add to the shawl that may/may not make it by this weekend… The dress… I have the shirt nearly complete and will whip out the skirt today hopefully. As long as the creek don’t wash out the circle, I’ll be there dancing on Saturday. Thankful for those who survived the pandamn, and mournful for those who didn’t. My shawl as it is at the moment… three bears will be in each corner, overlapping and facing the starburst. Bears will be yellow, brown and orange to match.

Author: Bear

I'm a crazy old lady who likes to write, art, and create things.

19 thoughts on “The Real”

    1. Hopefully… I will have at least a functional outfit by tomorrow. Not fancy as it should be, but a base. The Elder who asked me doesn’t really have a concept of how long it takes to handsew a traditional dress (5 yards of just heming)


    1. I will post. I feel ike I’m Half-A**ing it, though. these outfits usually take months. I’m having to cut corners, baste where I should be french seaming for strength. If I’m lucky, it won’t fall off. I spent last eve setting in 1500 pins for the pleating on the waistband alone. I’m so tired I can’t see straight.

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  1. The shawl is going to be gorgeous, and your dress will be as done as it can be. That’s a lot of stitching. Your story matches the manic desire to get things done. Let them be what they may. Have fun at the dance.

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    1. I will enjoy the dance I hope. At the moment, I’m so tired I can’t think. I’m cutting corners basting seams that I should be really sewing well. It doesn’t feel right. I’ll probably rip out seams next week and start over. I tried the shirt on, and my ribbons are set about 4 inches below where they ought to be. My yoke, though I tested it against my body after sewing seems to have gained length…ugh! It will be what it will… Don’t have time to put proper cuffs on the sleeves, either. grr…


  2. My old grandmother used to tell me about her first years in training as a seamstress, your flash brought back so many early memories of her. Thank you

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    1. I’m glad I could help you remember those precious memories, Michael. It wouldn’t be so bad, but the cat ran off with my leather thimble – AGAIN! hehe. Gotta love her…. it’s illegal not to, eh.


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