A Lie is a Lie

PHOTO PROMPT © Bill Reynolds

It’s that time again! Time to gather around the table and share some juicy tidbits of fiction with the folks of Friday Fictioneers, hosted by the lovely and talented Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. You can find other small tales of wonder, and danger at: rochellewisoff.com. Come on out and join us! This week’s photo is loaned to us by : Bill Reynolds.

wc: 98

Note: This is the opening paragraph for Nano this year. Leaves open so many directions, dontcha think?

Iosa hated being in a position where she felt she had to lie, even if it were only a little white lie. A lie was a lie. What bothered her was having to tell that lie to the one person whom she felt truly cared about her. What choice did she have? None, if she were honest with herself. No, if the truth ever saw the light of day, it would be her last. That reality was a certainty. And, she’d been seriously attempting to avoid that outcome.

She looked up, and saw that truth standing before her…

Author’s note: I was unable to get to the event last week as I wanted to. Hubby’s needs outweighed. So, I’m taking the time to rip out the shirt and redo it the correct way. I promise to do a post about it when I’m finished with it.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot of terminal waiting, then jumping and doing as Hubby moves through the process of Vocational Rehab and Blind Services evaluations. This has been needed for decades. It’s finally happening. Just pray that all comes out well and we can get the services that he needs.

Author: Bear

I'm a crazy old lady who likes to write, art, and create things.

24 thoughts on “A Lie is a Lie”

    1. Thank you, Rochelle. Sometimes it’s very hard to stand by what you believe in, even painful. I love writing these little teasers for myself to get me jumpstarted for November. I, too, want to turn the page to read more… LOL! I’ll need to write it, of course.

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