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It’s my Birthday today, and I’ve chosen to spend part of that time with my friends at Friday Fictioneers! So, it’s time to gather around the table laden with cake and ice cream and share some juicy tidbits of fiction at Friday Fictioneers, hosted by the lovely and talented Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. You can find other small tales of wonder, and danger at: Come on out and join us! This week’s photo is loaned to us by : Trish Nankeville.

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What a day to remember….

Two years ago, for my birthday, he gave me covid. The ensuing hospital stay lasted a whole month. Last year, for my birthday, he gave me flowers. The ensuing asthma attack landed me in the hospital. What a way to spend a birthday. I’m almost afraid of what he will give me this year…

Ah, a cupcake, how beautiful…

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35 thoughts on “Birthday…”

    1. This time last year I was in hospital with Hubby. Didn’t get to celebrate. Year before that, I was indeed sick though not with covid. This year, so far today, nothing weird or sickening has happened. What can I say… Oy! Shalom, Bear


    1. LOL! No, I survived… LOL! This is total fiction…well, almost. Hubby did bring covid home from work… Had an awesome cupcake this week a tele-gift sent from a dear friend across the pond in Scotland. I didn’t think she would remember given events, so I took pictures and savored every bite especially so.

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    1. LOL! What a trip this story has taken. All in fun! Almost total fiction… Hubby did bring covid home from work… and I did get a beautiful cupcake tele-sent to me from a dear friend who was in Scotland this week. I’m totally surprised that she even remembered given this week’s sorrow. Made it all the more special.

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    1. Why I celebrate my “Naming Day” in April instead. Too many bad mems from 9-11 and beyond in September. My Borning day is usually rather low key. I usually spend it at the BMV getting new tags.

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