It’s that time again! Time to gather around the table and share some juicy tidbits of fiction with the folks of Friday Fictioneers, hosted by the lovely and talented Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. You can find other small tales of wonder, and danger at: rochellewisoff.com. Come on out and join us! This week’s photo is loaned to us by : Brenda Cox.


wc: 100 exact

Iosa planted her back against something. She wasn’t sure if it was a wall or a person. All she truly knew was that the shelter was crowded with barely room to move between the sea of people and belongings. It had been only a few days since the last solar flare had taken out most of the mainland. Those who escaped the radiation had piled into the available shelters until they had sealed the doors. No more could be saved. Iosa closed her eyes and whispered a prayer of thanksgiving that she’d made it inside.

Now, to find her family…

Author: Bear

I'm a crazy old lady who likes to write, art, and create things.

31 thoughts on “Flare”

    1. Yes, it is. I had a sleepless night (nothing new) and I was skimming channels and found a show on pbs about it. A fiction series, but it was compelling to watch. I wish I could recall the name of it, though.


    1. I’ve always found dystopian tales are the easiest to write for me. And yes, I can sometimes see a distinct reflection of the current reality within them. Thanks for stopping by. Missed y’all sooo much. Glad to have refurb laptop that works.

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    1. Part of me was thinking about the fears rolling through Europe concerning the Nuclear plants in Ukraine. It is indeed a scary situation… reminds me too much of Chernobyl.

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    1. Thanks, Lish. I was influenced by a show I saw on PBS Masterpiece and current world issues. I’ve got my own nightmares with a waterleak that defies pinpointing source. Complex maintenance stumped, professional plumbers stumped… and still the leak… and I fear my waterbill next month.


    1. Possibly. It is a scenario worth pondering. I watched a show on PBS Masterpiece at zero dark in the am… half asleep about a post solar flare world. It was spooky. That, and current world situations… nuff said on that.

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    1. Thanks, Jade! Glad to be back. You know how I always just write off the cuff for Fri Fic. Not stressing it, just letting the words tell themselves…. and when I do, this happens. Wow! Sometimes I even shock myself.

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